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Brain secrets. A new theory.

ATTENTION! The practices described in the next paragraphs are devious and very dangerous, for themselves and the neighbouring environment, then it’s recommend using them under the control of a group of experts.

I’m sorry about my English.


This work represents a new theory on brain functioning not proved scientifically yet. These studies don’t want deny official theories, but they incorporate them in a more general theory, that includes also philosophies and disciplines still excluded from official theories and they give them a coherent explanation. The publication of the following material want to be a way to find help of the scientific community to try to demonstrate it officially and for to have a debate on it.

I’m not a specialist of the sector and I’m sorry if I will not so accurate in the use of the scientific terms and in the description of the theory.

With the term “psychophysics” I will mean the discipline that studies the brain and human body phenomena, using the instruments of mathematics and physics. The term already exists with another meaning, but it renders well the idea of how the physics of the human body act on the psyche. An other correct term could be “psychophysiology”, and it already existing too.

That I will illustrate is considered by many people an “absolute” human phenomenon that is part of the growth, necessary to enter in the adults world, inevitable and irreversible, someone even try to remove (repress) it, but on the contrary it isn’t inevitable and it’s a reversible process. The phenomenon I refer to is sexual activity, of which they are consider unhooked mental and physiological dimensions, but so it wouldn’t be, and same for the resistance to that primary need, it wouldn’t be equal for everyone, because everybody would be born with a sexual stress resistance different from each other and since the birth the phenomenon would be likewise both psychological and physical, with a gradual hardening of character and body of each person (through nervous system), but it’s possible to trigger an opposite process of "interior cleaning” that on the contrary could de-tighten mind and body.

That which normally is being indicated as libido, spiritual energy, interior energy, psychic energy, mental energy, mental strength and so on, in other terms it would be stamina to the sexual neurosis effects (that they exist apart from a sexual activity more or less voluntary). I think that be consolidated by now in common sense that how exist people strong physically, could exist people “strong” mentally, the parameter which used to measure strength and ability to keep a mental balance isn’t the physical strength, but the resistance to the daily stress in every his forms.

After that, at place of term “libido” I will use synonyms as spiritual energy, interior energy, psychic energy, mental energy, mental strength, et cetera.

Continuing in the analysis of these studies you could also arrive at a coherent explanation of the two different visions of Freud’s and Jung’s psychology, that they would be the two faces of a same medal.

This theory doesn’t want deny, nor doesn’t want replace results reached in psychology (neuroscience) and medicine from academic world, that on the contrary could find in her a simple and a coherent explanation to many phenomena studied until now, particularly them that haven’t an explanation yet.




The cornerstones of this theory can be summarized in the two next points:

  1. Every human being was born with some resistance to sexual stress, that it isn’t directly linked with sexual activity, but how her succeed to change the subject’s character and particularly “to tighten” him; then the tightening of the various parts of brain would be directly linked, through the nervous system, to the various part of body from them controlled. So sex would have too a regulator function of brain rigidity: bigger the sexual dependence, bigger would be the rigidity, smaller the sexual dependence, smaller would be the rigidity (but it isn’t directly linked to sexual activity quantity). Stiffness means stiffness on one’s own positions and on environmental variables, therefore an extremism of one’s own characteristics and that received by neighbouring environment (that it wouldn’t mean necessarily violent attitudes that could result in altruism and sanctity yet).

    Besides rigidity increase number, speed and stiffness of the “connections” inside of the brain, that could seem a positive element, but on the contrary it needs to see him as a train out of control thrown to terrific speed or an over-clocked computer.

  2. A further function of sex is “to record” the neighbouring environmental situation, that is always to allow the individual survival and therefore the species survival: probably it was a method of learning useful in a primitive age, a period where you had to learn quickly to survive (there wasn’t the objective time to a prolonged education like the school education): this phenomenon, that change from all people each other, it active himself still today in extreme conditions and prolonged stress. Probably it can be generalized to every living species of the planet.

Now we will enter a little more in the details of brain dynamics originated from these studies...


Sexual Quotient (SQ)

I’ll begin introducing a new variable defined in this way,

SSReQ = Sexual Stress REsistance Quotient

or the same

SSReC = Sexual Stress REsistance Coefficient

but more simply I will use

SQ = Sexual Quotient

meaning with her the quantity of sexual stress tolerable at birth moment, before you go and meet a mental “insanity”, with consequences that I’ll mention them afterwards, but that are already well-known to the scientific phenomenology. The measurement of such variable will show until which point may arrive the person insanity and the consequences from her created.

That variable will be able to assume values included in the interval (0; 1), with the extremes excluded, because there isn’t a lower or higher limit to such parameter, so

0 < SQ < 1

Values of SQ that will verge to 0 they will associate a smaller resistance to sexual stress effects, while values of SQ that will verge to 1 they will associate a bigger resistance to sexual stress effects.


  • low values of SQ,        QS => 0       smaller resistance to sexual stress effects
  • high values of SQ,      QS => 1       bigger resistance to sexual stress effects

(Actually the interval of values of such parameter could be defined in an arbitrary mode).

But alone the value of Sexual Quotient will not be enough to show consequences of mental insanity, because it will need to consider also the environmental variables (individual human path), that are casuals: apart from the value of SQ, the stress caused from surrounding environment could affect, even with different effects and intensity, both on a person with an high resistance to the sexual stress effects and on a person with a low resistance.

Closer examination. Sexual quotient (total or general SQ) is actually an homogenous or a non homogenous composition of more (specific) SQs, for different brain areas: homogenous compositions give character more definite and “compliant”, less homogenous compositions give characters more multifaceted. There could be interior agreement, coherence and harmony between various SQ or interior disagreements, incoherence and disharmony. It exist at last a hierarchy between various SQs (for example, the “directional centre” SQ is more influential and predominate over the “character” than other SQs).


Sexual Quotient (SQ) and sexual repression

Deepening still further the phenomenon, during the sexual activity and particularly in the following instants to the orgasm the brain is strongly easily influenced, almost “hypnotizable” and on such suggestions there is in the following hours and days a stiffening, if the SQ level is exceeding (suggestion is proportional to the sexual resistance coming from SQ, that is one’s own of every human being). Therefore if the SQ is exceeding, gradually the nervous system and the organs to it linked become stiff, in a more or less imperceptible way according to the owned SQ. This phenomenon would be at bottom of everybody’s character development and everybody’s pathology connected to this sphere. Then since, as I already said, every living being would be born with a certain sexual stress resistance, different for everyone, somebody more emotional and weak to it, he would stiffen himself in emphasized mode since the birth (perhaps even before), while other people more strong would incur in such mechanism only with the beginning of a sexual relationship with a partner or exposed to a very intensive and durable stress.

We can say the same things in another way: when the brain doesn’t bears no more sexual stress effects, it enters in “suffering” and it starts an insanity that feed on itself, sexual activity (voluntary or involuntary) serve as catalyst to subject auto-suggestion (particularly the orgasm and the following instants), that introjects and metabolizes his own emotions, stiffening himself on them and stiffening neurons, neuronal communications and the body activities handled by them (for example, inhibiting the production of substances that allows to keep “serenity”, as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, that will increase as consequence anxiety, that then the subject may more or less sublimate , starting in this way the auto-feeding). So it begins a pain, a sexual dependence pressure always more bigger that not let (you) to live no more, the so called sex “fixed idea” or sex “obsession” and not only, also the “devil” for a certain activity that brings to an extremism and degeneration of one’s own characteristics.

In some cases the stiff structure created remain latent also for years, waiting a triggering element that when it arrives deforms the stiff structure, creating consequents difficulties to the subject that until that moment he could “bear” it. We could do a comparison between the physics concepts of Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy and those of psychophysics of “Potential Stress” and “Kinetic Stress”.

Therefore reality perception would depend on the beginning from SQ level (SQ levels) and then from sexual stress effects deriving from life experiences. Besides as the Total SQ is a composition of more Specific SQs, not only points of view change depending on people, but also inside persons themselves.

This has her reason to be, that she must always searched in primary sex function, the species survival: in fact if the orgasm in normal conditions permit subject’s pleasure and calm, and with an interval of 2-3 days in sexual activity, it allows the increase of love feelings, in stress conditions (that includes also the not use of one’s own sexual fantasies) on the contrary the orgasm has a survival function because it “memorize” the state whose the subject is, all the situation and the brain become stiff on such information to face up to with bigger concentration danger moments trying to preserve the subject. This increase of stiffening was a necessary defence weapon in a primitive and bestial world, where you had to learn quickly to survive but that in current society, become source of danger because it brings in time to see a distorted reality, with always more mistrust and enemies everywhere also where there aren’t, that is also as is not possible to give vent to one’s own animal instincts. Besides such conditions were and are still necessaries to the courtship in human species because “they oblige to do everything to have a female (or a male)” even if you don’t love her, particularly to show interest in the courtship, to show it (a relaxed and satisfied brain put itself less on show in the courtship).

I conclude this part deepening better what means this assertion reported in foundations:

  • «Besides rigidity increase number, speed and stiffness of the “connections” inside of the brain, that could seem a positive element, but on the contrary it needs to see him as a train out of control thrown to terrific speed or an over-clocked computer.»

This means a gradual increase of “cerebral mass quantity used contemporary in every instant of one’s own life”. Bigger it will be such quantity, bigger it will be the stress which a person will be exposed continuously, also if she doesn’t do anything, and bigger will be also the emotiveness and morbidness level. Then to keep under control such quantity will be necessary much energy, that will generate very tense and nervous people, that are exposed for a vicious circle to a continuous stress, also because such situation bring to psychological weakness states that produce a dependence from other persons, of whose one seek always the approval, ready to neglect or deny one’s own needs to get it.

If the cerebral mass quantity used contemporary in every instant changes and consequently changes the stress level which a person is exposing continuously (even without any external agent) also would change others parameters: reaction speed to stimulus (in fact stiffening the communication channels change the response time to stimulus), anger level, mistrust, fear, queasiness, suffocation, claustrophobia, body areas where could be pathologies linked to stress, intelligence level and intelligence type developed and consequently different risk levels of accidents.


Sexual Quotient (SQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Since what we said until now, one sense that on the basis of SQ and therefore resistance to sexual stress effects and consequently stiffening, a person can live in different mental dimensions, I could say for discrete levels, in short an SQ quantization (sex levels quantization). We said too that various human points of view change on basis of subject’s Total SQ or Specific SQs from which derive the level to understand others and the neighbouring environment.

In conclusion it follows that from SQ derive all intelligence types and so the IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

Now a question is born natural: “Why provide living beings with different Sexual Quotient?” The reason is always in the species survival: with different SQs there are different points of view to face up to difficulties (think to primitive men), besides different neurosis created by different SQs allow to keep “under control” each other.


Fundamental principles of (sick) brain dynamics

Now similar to the Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, we can enunciate the following 3 Laws of (sick) brain dynamics, that well summarize some fundamental consequences of a mental insanity.

  1. A brain at “rest” tends to stay at “rest” and a brain in “motion state” tends to stay in “motion state” unless acted upon by an external agent.

    Examples of state: sleep, wakefulness, solitude, sexual desire, sexual fantasies and perversions.

    In these cases, in a neurotic subject, there is an opposition to change.

    Examples of agents:   internal agent, willpower;

                                      external agent, morning light, contacts with other persons.

    More a brain will be sick, bigger will be its inertia and its opposition to change.

  2. How to calculate the “brain muscle inflammation” level.

    Stress effects upon a brain are directly proportional to the stress intensity on the brain, to the time that it acts on the brain and they are inversely proportional to the Sexual Quotient (SQ).


    In ““Stress Intensity”” must be numbered the environmental variables yet (familiar environment, environment where one lives, couple sexual activity that raise very much the stress intensity to everyone, et cetera), that they can assume both a positive value and a negative value, so

    Stress Intensity = Environmental Variables + Additional Stress

    Additional Stress = additional stress to environmental stress, stresses more or less transitory (school, job, accident, hardship, shock, …)

    It follows that,


    Between the stress effects upon the brain we remind the increase of cerebral mass quantity used contemporary in every instant of one’s own life to keep the structure created with stiffening.

  3. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction: such reaction can be expressed immediately or remain latent in a more or less permanent way (maybe waiting a detonating element). This depends from subject reworking ability, I mean from his own SQ.

Sexual Quotient (SQ) and the unconscious

Exceeded the SQ and started the sexual repression, changes happen slowly and gradually, the most important during sleep and it is very difficult to realize it because our first control center, the brain, is attacking (in a normal sexual relationship one doesn’t realize it, if when it’s too late and one doesn’t understand no more why his character is so changed, only attribute it to love and in short one can’t come back). The sexual suppression generate a constant and continuous pain in the head (sexual dependence) and this tolerance, addiction, habit to continuous pain (that one doesn’t realize no more) that produce insanity, tension, wickedness, and difficult to distinguish between what gives good fruit and bad fruit (good and evil). Besides sexual repression amplify liability to be influenced to 360° and everything, action, image, sound, thought, et cetera is living with bigger emotivity (this observation is very important and I would define it the keystone to understand the mutation, alteration of the subject’s emotions). Mind becomes one thing with body and external world and vice versa, so subject becomes a receptacle of sensations that transforms in emotions and vice versa. As subject emotional state is distorted, this mean that his words and his thoughts don’t represent his true words, his true thoughts, his true personality, everything is a “fake” had to original data “overwriting” through sexual repression, data that remain hidden, waiting to be digging up. So it develop, always gradually, a new personality that enter in competition with the original personality until to make it subordinate (we can do an analogy with informatics, they can be putting near concurrent programming and concurrent personality) and more the illness gets worse, more this new part increases her power, that base itself upon thoughts of the original character or concepts that come from external and that be recording in a permanent mode (it represents a deformation of the original character, with union of concepts that come from neighbouring environment, so random thoughts, that accidentally fix themselves becoming “law”). So concurrent personality or sick part believes to see and understand things that other people can’t see and understand (insanity), it becomes gradually always more obsessive fixing itself upon some particular thoughts and therefore beginning to try to interpret, read between the lines things that only people as much sick and weak can tell, people that can tell others to them face the things only as neurotic vent. At the same way one tries to read in events that happen a will superior signs. In any way such neurosis will take different paths for everyone, as different is the SQ and everybody’s life. Non-satisfaction of primary needs favour sexual suppression.

Now we can try to represent that we described with a diagram


The phenomenology is the following:

  • the point in the right lobe where one can feel the pain of sexual repression (a continuous and hammering pain; right lobe, not far from the middle line that delimits the two lobes and a little on the forehead) is the point from which the general phenomenon, caused by excessive stress, originates itself;
  • the sexual repression increase the ill information recirculation (like a mental boring story) and stiffened brain volume (with corresponding body areas linked to it), an area where the psychic energy doesn’t expand itself freely no more, but it must follows forced paths, stiffs, to short-circuit;
  • increase of stiffened areas and persist of information recirculation because of strong tension whose one is exposing (like an endless informatics loop) and/or a strong shock forces a psychological block in brain area deputes to keep concentration, as a clot in the brain or another good comparison is also a spider structure.

    Where the block “is creating” (in the middle of the two brain lobes, a little on the forehead) one begin to feel a never-ending sharp pain: block is a confined region, concentration of the libido (love, spiritual energy, electrical impulses) that would to expand itself in every brain direction, but couldn’t to do it, this produce frustration, violence, depression (that’s natural that all the brain “would” feel, need to feel sexual pleasure, freedom sense). An analogy that can help to understand the sensation is one to be closing in a cupboard, so a “claustrophobic” and oppression sense, that one try to eliminate destroying with violence the “wall” that is creating: maybe to knock one’s head against a real wall, so give vent to one’s feelings to external or sublimating it inside, and in fact one of the typical gesture of people suffering to psychological block becomes that to touch themselves just where is the block (as they would enter in the brain with a nail to separate the two lobes opening the block), “that sharp pain does to throb the brain, that pain in the head that anyone understand and does to be ashamed”. Unfortunately it isn’t with violence that one can to eliminate that “wall”, but only with others capacities which calm, patience, sincerity, wisdom, analytic capacities.

    Another analogy very important that can help to understand the sensation that one feels is the following: brain area exposed to the block give a sensation like an insect bite or it seems a body of a spider which its legs are the “rigid” ramification of sexual repression in the various brain part; in fact the psychological block has a well precise shape, an hard central body, in the middle prefrontal part of brain, like a spider exoskeleton (in fact the block gives the impression to have a protective shell as a walnut-hazelnut, very hard) where towards converge neuronal communications “became stiff” as filaments, like spider legs. Naturally brain associates such phenomenology which it know in everyday life, spider or insects, that often under sexual repression become subjects of night dream, but it can also doesn’t happen because during the state of wakefulness one sublimate it dreaming about just on insects. In short the sensation is that to have an insect in the brain;

  • some sexual repression effects upon the human body can be for example:
    • optic nerve tightening and consequent sight alteration;
    • acoustic nerve tightening and hearing alteration;
    • nasal nerve tightening and olfactory capacities alteration that unites itself to that of the ribcage producing difficulties in breathing, an element that generates many others symptoms, and between them very important is anxiety, just because of air defect sensation and sternum compression. Actually expansion can succeed, but in unnatural way and making a certain effort;
    • muscles tighthening.
    Furthers symptoms and sexual repression effects will treat apart.

Naturally, maintenance of this artificial structure needs energy, always more energy, that is subtracting to the subject that weaken himself (with psychophysical effects) entering in a vicious circle from which is difficult to exit. Every orgasm reduces psychic energy and without pause one go to meet depression (that can assume different forms depending on the character, more violent or auto-repressive), but the same thing can happen if one doesn’t satisfy correctly the sexual need and for long periods, specially if under stress.

Therefore sexual activity beyond reproductive activity would have another purpose in species survival, that to memorize environmental variables in which the subject lives (this was useful particularly between primitive men) and I would add also a social regulating function, because when a living being loses control on himself, this effect conducts him gradually to death, through illnesses that a not well working brain generates or through the evil that he produces around him.

Naturally sexual repression take root depends on different factors:

  • resistance quantity to sexual stress (SQ), character parameter that everyone has from his birth;
  • environmental variables, daily stress and his during in time (one can have same effects with a low sexual stress resistance and a low daily stress or with an high sexual stress resistance and an high daily stress that go on in time).

So effects can depend both from subject and from the world around him, from one only or from all two of them (in any case subject will be always present).

One of comparisons that better exemplifies sexual suppression phenomenon is that of “ball of wool” that gets soaked: when dry, thread becomes stiff and is less flexible, less “adaptable”, than if the ball, before or after got soaked, tangles himself become still less flexible and pulling one thread, for chain reaction others thread are pulling, threads that haven’t no connection with the first, they are only bound together (so here are irrational reactions). On the contrary therapy allows to untie knots that was creating and it allows thread come back to the original characteristics (flexibility and adaptability) eliminating or better redressing concurrent personality that was forming. To improve comparison one can imagine a “little man” (soul, spirit, libido, spiritual energy) inside the ball, that try to move in it, obviously when ball is soft and flexible will be more easy for him, while after it got soaked and dry, thread became stiff, will produce structures in which will be more difficult to move in, he will need more energy to do same things that he did before and it can continue until to crush the little man.

Another interesting comparison is “tuning up effect”, in which human body nerves (and consequently systems from them managed) linked to the brain areas became stiff, tighten themselves as guitar strings in tuning up phase. That makes on the one hand psyche and body hypersensitive and produces difficulties in acceptance of changes, or better “desire” to keep the state in which subject is (for example, sleep, euphoria, sadness, et cetera…), on the other hand it makes opposite effects with absence of sensitivity, wickedness, continuous will of novelty, one wants always more that he has, in short schizophrenia.

Now I stop here, but it’s possible…

  • “to realize” a controlled sexual repression (“Sexual repressive technical”);
  • a first simple therapy;
  • to calculate SQ;

Initially methodologies will be rudimentary and approximate, but with time, as always, they will be improved.


Explanations consequently to the theory and new research fields

With this model one can explain a lot of phenomena in simple and clear way and it can open doors to new studies and researches.

Those followings are some examples of interpretation of various phenomenologies.

Psychological and medical explanations

  • the so called interior “monsters”, depressions;
  • stiffening, atrophy and consequently paralysis of brain areas produces paralysis and not well working in body parts linked to them. Some chronic illnesses or also infirmities that appear or disappear for no apparent reason, to extreme case as miracles, can be explaining with stiffening variation of particular brain areas. (The same could be true, in other extreme cases, for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's? Or for the origin of a cancer? In some forms of cancer, the cancer cells would be the physical expression of the extreme neuronal stiffening).

    Consequently sexual repression treatment can become an “eternal youth elixir”.


Explanations connected to alternative medicines

  • acupuncture (and Chinese medicine, Shiatsu massages, et cetera… ): it interferes upon stiffening nerves generated by sexual repression, “stretching out them, relaxing them”, with consequent transitory calm (pain-killing effect) of brain pain;
  • homeopathic treatments.

Anthropological explanations

  • Studying sexual suppression effects I arrive in conclusion that women be born with a lower resistance to sexual stress effects (a lower SQ, also if they have a lower sexual hormonal pressure linked to testosterone), from which would derive female sex characteristics, as for example: bigger emotiveness, bigger need to speak, head love, bigger social assignment, bigger importance to social acceptance, bigger inclination in children’s education. One of many confirmations can derive from the fact that women have a bigger number of connexion fibres in brain corpus callosum, that put in bigger communication the two lobes, and that factor is one of that due to sexual suppression and to psychological block, a very hard bridge that is creating between the two brain lobes. It would useful to known how much SQ and lesser sexual pressure affect women at birth, to really know from which one of the two factors come them bigger stress state, in any case sexual stress effects are real and probably more heavy than men (on average), because women can have much sex with less problems that block it.

    This doesn’t mean that woman can’t have an SQ higher than man (assertion in any case to test because there are also differences in hormones), but that if character characteristics being equal the female SQ will be lesser. We can do an analogy with physical strength: on average woman is lesser strong than man, but this doesn’t mean that not exist women more muscular and physically strong than men.


Historical and mystic-religious explanations

  • Introduction of sexual quotient allows to explain some way of thinking and some practices of ancient civilization that today we consider barbarous, archaic and old-fashioned (for example, law of retaliation and sacrifices): it isn’t only a matter of a bigger scientific knowledge, some practices and reasoning activate themselves only in a strong and durable tension, in short a survival life and the explanation could be in the fact that brain in such conditions is “reduced” to childhood conditions, but with an adult’s libido. Therefore such practices could easily come back commonly used when we expose ourselves again to very high and continuous stress.

    Consequently never modern men will be able to completely understand the way of thinking and acting of ancient men that could reach at ancestral knowledge, by now unreachable in this age, because on the one hand life style had atrophied of it capacities, on the other hand harmonizing of it the character: this doesn’t mean to be superiors or inferiors, but to be different, reasserting that is very easily come back to such evolutionary stage. As always one needs humility and equilibrium, keeping positive habits and traditions of the past and discarding those negatives.

    This means that apart from classical history there is of it another parallel that concerns mind evolution and that begins from first passages of the Bible and other holy books similar to it; so historical and archaeological researches could be enriched adding to theirs studies the SQ evolution.

    Ancient texts.

    Primitive men was exposed to very intense and durable stress levels and so the sexual repression level was very high too, also until the moment of change from nomadic to permanent life, with coming of moral rules for to live together, there wasn’t almost surely distinction between good and evil, as indicated in many ancient texts (specially religious). Such reasoning could be applicable also to other living species of our planet.

    Some passages (stories) don’t do reference to physical situations, but to mental situations or to physical situations interpreted with the point of view in “vogue” in that age and caused by sexual level stress reached, beyond that a scarce or null abstraction level.

    As example of interpretation I chose some of the first passages of the Genesis of the Bible: the Bible and all the stories to handed down from the dim and distant past would be to interpret as memory of permanent “modern” civilization origins (initially agricultural), to handed down initially in oral form and from a certain point in written form.

    Adam and Eve (or similar stories of other cultures): the “Apple” as love gesture towards women. Men and women lived under a sexual repression (mind stiffness) extreme, the so called “Earthly Paradise” (or “Garden of Eden”), but at some point worms one’s way into women first and then through them into men a doubt, will of knowledge for a more fixed and comfortable life (the snake indicates that was an underhand phenomenon, slowly and silent, without that anyone “realize it”). Therefore men for own women’s sake began to pursue “knowledge”, that started obviously modifying the life style, from nomadic to permanent life, from hunters to farmers (symbol of knowledge of that age is represented just by agriculture, the apple tree, one would know how it did to bear fruits), doing decrease gradually the stress level and so the sexual repression, the difference one can see already in the space of one single generation, one can think, for time near us, to changes that there was after the second world war in many countries. Therefore today’s life style would be the continuation of that “original” love gesture to seek knowledge for a more fixed and comfortable life.

    Same speech one can do for Gospels, it’s also possible that Jesus of Nazareth, as many other prophets have understood the mechanisms connected to sexual stress, even if in that age they was interpreting from a mystic religious point of view: famous words as “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”, could be explained in this direction; instead the devil, as already in the Old Testament would represent the stiffened part, the “ill” part of human brain.

Et cetera…

So it’s possible to explain in a simple and coherent way a multitude of phenomena coming from the most varied fields, unifying them in a single theory.


Analogies with informatics:

  • sexual repression is like a CPU overclocking: system hastens, but it blows itself quickly;
  • bigger response speed of brain (and his uncontrollability), due to sexual repression bring the brain to a multitasking execution of mental processes (concurrent programming): it means that more processes are executing at the same time in the mind of a person. This is unnatural and one can do a comparison with a car that whizzes to terrific speed on a small road;
  • creation of the new concurrent personality connects itself to concurrent programming speech. When neurosis worsen, the new personality, the new process become always more predominant;
  • Naturally maintenance of this artificial structure needs energy, always more energy that is subtracting at subject that weakens himself (with psychophysical effects) and that he enters in a vicious circle from which is difficult to come out. One can compares this with a process that enlarges itself and that subtracts always more resources at system as an endless loop.

Analogies with electronics:

  • One can imagine the brain as a circuit that normally behaves like an analogue electrical network, but that exceeded a certain stress threshold (ΔVSQ) begins make single neurons memorize information, these neurons keeps charged the stress concentration point (as a capacitor, that after it will transform itself in psychological block). So one can see single neuron as wire in a normal state, where information can or can’t pass, and like EEPROM memory cell permanently activated upon an information (value 1), exceeded a certain stress threshold (ΔVSQ).

    Therefore one could think neuron as constituted by a diode and a NMOS-FAMOS transistor: diode activates electrical signal transmission ΔVIT (Information Transmission) and transistor can memorise a signal (exceeded ΔVSQ) that makes permanent the diode activation ΔVIT (and so the information transmission); ΔVSQ level depends on subject SQ and from stress intensity and stress duration (lower SQ, means lower stress needed to activated the transistor, bigger SQ, means bigger stress needed to activated transistor).

    Trying to go into details, at normal stage, neuronal network could be compared to an electrical network where to the infinites neuronal connections would correspond as many branches of a hypothetical electrical circuit, equipped every one with a diode, polarized or not polarized depending on that pass or not pass an information (electrical signal). In a normal stage the information, electrical impulse, can circulate or not in branches, activating the transit of current in a branch only when it needs (polarized diode – transit of information, not polarized diode – not transit of information). Psychological block point can instead be assimilating to a capacitor that during stress phases charges itself for discharge itself when the stress stops. When one can’t bear more sexual stress effects and the mental insanity begins one can imagines that diode of branch (real diode, with battery) remain constantly polarized, with cathode facing the capacitor: so it would have continuous transmission of a particular information, therefore a constant thought concerning a certain information, a stiffening in communication caused through sexual orgasm; so sexual orgasm would give memorization signal, that would be receiving from “FAMOS transistor” contents in neuron. During stress phases the brain “concentrate” itself to face up the “danger situation” and information are directing towards psychological block point (over there resides the appointed area to concentration?), for to be analysing, but in this way the capacitor charges itself more and more, discharging itself less and less, because it tends to make it only through those branches where diode is not polarized yet. This continuous until reaches the psychological block (capacitor always charged) that is an irreversible state (only from inside), making subject become little more a robot and so he can’t decide completely in independent mode no more. To conclude such analogy, it needs to add that low values of ΔVSQ–ΔSQ polarize almost immediately diode-transistor-neurons (at limit 0 they polarise them immediately, there isn’t the time to control the transit and memorization of information that it happens practically in automatic mode), while high values don’t polarize them immediately, but neurons needs high stress values to polarization (at limit 1, one can have the time to control the transit and the memorization of information and if he wants, he doesn’t let it pass => bigger mental equilibrium and resistance to sexual stress effects).

    Now It be born a doubt, if the analogy is only fictitious or if there is something more: if the stiffening were a standing inflammation of the nerve cells or in detail of the axon (or the myelin sheath) of the nerve cells? Besides in a real structure or functioning of neurons, as constituted by diodes or NMOS-FAMOS Transistors, with a SiO2 non-conducting shell, it would be sufficient UV rays to erase their contents, if made for EPROM memory or an electrical signal in the case of FAMOS made for EEPROM memory.

    Following circuit diagrams refers to the electron analogies just described


Scientific facts

This theory is a model that includes and explains consistently and in a simple way the phenomenology until now studied from neuroscience, in medicine and also in various alternative medicines, like Chinese medicine or homeopathic treatments. It allows also a coherent explanation of all that disciplines linked indirectly to psychology, as for example graphology. Theory is extensible to every human being and probably to every living being too.

Besides it exists the possibility to carry out some simple experiments to demonstrate it in a direct way.

This is only the tip of an iceberg…



ATTENTION! The practices described in the next paragraphs are devious and very dangerous, for themselves and the neighbouring environment, then it’s recommend using them under the control of a group of experts.

How "to realize" a controlled sexual repression - Repressive sexual technique

The (controlled) sexual repression consists in work oneself up during the orgasm and in the following minutes (repeating oneself something too) and avoiding sexual fantasies and sexual pleasure, in this way the nervous system becomes stiff, trying to no more forget what you voluntarily or involuntarily thought or you turned over and over in your mind during the orgasm. Then changes happen slowly and gradually, the most importants during sleep and it is very difficult to realize it, because our first control center, the brain, is being attacked.

Then the effects will be the same described in the paragraph: Sexual Quotient (SQ) and the unconscious.


A first simple therapy

The following therapy is obviously primitive and can also last dozen years. The hope is that, with the world scientists's work, in the future it may improve and it may be reduced in length of time.

Applying the "repressive sexual technique" described, but on the contrary, you can work yourself up during the orgasm and in the following minutes, but thinking or repeating yourself opposite thougts or opposite concepts to those that have brought you to the sickness, so you can recover yourself: for example, if someone worked himself up to like something that he doesn't like or that it was indifferent to him, he will have to repeat himself that he hates or does not like that thing; another example, a subject has sublimated a fear or he has created one that does not exist, it will be the consequence of the psychological weakness, so in the first case, he will repeat himself that he has got that fear, the opposite in the second case, and in some cases, when in the character there will be present various aspects, both the concepts. Then it's clear that the recovery will require a lot of patience, endurance of the pain (resistence to pain) and many years of work.

When you use the repressive sexual technique, all the following hours involve inexorably the stiffening of the nervous system, with symptoms gradually painful, and you get used to painful without realize it. The sexual repression is so insidious because our first control center, the brain, falls ill: so you make insanity, wickedness, malevolence, insecurity, and difficulties in distinction between good and evil. You always must remember that repressive sexual technique is insidious and the effects, without realize it, reveal themselves only with passing hours and days (sleeping on it).

After one or more repressive techniques you execute normal orgasms, liberating orgasms, because you free yourself from sexual suppression, with yours fancies, better if you don't repeat it (perversions) and better if you don't let yourself go to the sexual pleasure, the luxury, but remaining, in the patient's limits, superior and detached from sexual pleasure (actually after some liberating orgasm is inevitable to collapse, to break down); however if you also free yourself from repressive techniques immediately, which is fundamental (with at least two liberating orgasms in the same day for not to sleep completely upon it and better if before the 10 p.m. to avoid problems bound to the unconscious, wakefulness/sleep state, bound to the Sun light), you need time to free yourself partially from the symptoms of technique (some week). Besides after some day, but may be also one or two weeks, it depends on the patient's phase, start a painful crisis, which get again everything "black and dark" see to the patient, crisis that ends after some other day or week of normal orgasms, liberating orgasms (at most a pair in a day). During the "liberating" phase of the therapy there are two effects: completely liberation of some stiffened parts of the brain and reduction of other parts.

The therapy is not static, but it evolves with the subject's improvements. In the early days the highest rhythms can be one suggestion (one or more sentences for every repressive technique, it depends from the patient, repeted during the orgasm) and two liberations every day (for a total of three orgasms). When time passes (months or years), it increases the interval between two suggestions, in the beginning two days, then three, four, a week, a fortnight, a month and so on until the recovery. It also increases the number of sentences repeated for every repressive technique.

If you want to schematize what happens after you used repressive sexual technique and you begin with "liberations", you can point out some phases, which timings change with the therapy evolves:

  1. at the beginning of therapy, under the technique you feel bad, but when you are improving towards recovery you feel ever better, also you are under sexual repression effects, because the emotional part which you feel more at the beginning of therapy and that makes instability is "silenced" and is reduced with passing of time;
  2. after some day of "liberations" the body begins to reduce stiffening, very important it is the case of the rib cage, that improves breathing, at bottom of anxieties, but they begin to show emotions;
  3. then take the place an intermediate phase between sexual repression and "freedom"-serenity (obviously these concepts must be taken with flexibility, because they change very much with the level of recovery that you reach), that with the therapy evolves become the worst period, because you are inhibited in actions, because you are in the middle of two characters (for example it becomes hard to work or to study and to memorize);
  4. after one or two months you can enter in a phase that you allow to feel better, because emotions are reduced and become manageables, but recovery is still another thing.
The phases pointed out change with the therapy evolves: at the beginning, phase 1 is painful, but as pointed out, with improvement towards recovery, you feel better then in phase 3. According to level of recovery that you reached change also time, at the beginning already during the 1st week starts phase 3 (you have also to take into consideration the number of repressive sexual techniques, that it can increase with improvements), in the middle or so, phase 3 starts around 2nd or 3rd week of libertion and it goes on until the 4th or 5th week.

During repressive technique and the liberation phases you can clearly to observe a psychological parameters variation, for example sudden changes of mood, emotivity, depressed state and physical state, for example muscular stiffening or relaxation, swelling and stiffening gums, mucus secretion from nose, sweating, physical smells, faeces consistency, and so on. Parameters change according to the subject characteristics.

To remind all the complexes that gradually emerge and that you must delete working oneself up, it can be useful write it down on sheets of paper that you can use during repressive techniques, reading it in a "loud" voice, in a low voice or in the "mind", during the orgasm. At the beginning probably you can reading only one for time, but with passing of time (years) they can increase up to reach whole pages, then to reduce to a half page, but it depends on subject condition and on what he feels.

Normally you can notice change only in the immeditately following hours to a technique, because then sleep makes it permanent and in wakefulness conditions they are taken as final and few people can remember of differences compared to the past.

Follow some analogies that can help to understand the work of therapy:

  • therapy is a "see-saw" between the use of technique and the "liberation", both, after a certain number of masturbations of the same type become unbearable (same fancies-perversions);
  • a "blind maze": you go round and round always in the same area and the only way to open other passages is using repressive sexual technique giving the right parameters (sentences of complexes in reverse), then you begin again to go round and round the maze searching new parameters (new sentences) to open new passages;
  • "to play the accordion", with compressions ("controlled sexual repression") and decompressions ("liberations");
  • the "bellows": therapy that takes to revovery is a succession of compressions (repressive sexual technique) and expansions, gradually always more wide (liberating phase);
  • "forced" freediving under water (repressive technique) and resumption oxygen (liberations);
  • during the liberating phase, complexes emerge as a "vomit" and more suggestions are repeated during the repressive technique, bigger will be the "vomit" during liberating phase.

As I already said sexual technique is insidious, dangerous and needs a lot of time and then, at present stage, you can't replace medicine with it, certainly more effective and faster, above all in seriously ill cases. That is true also if you have the best intentions, because when you use it, you change and you don't understand it. What you can begin to do is prevention, setting a limit to sexuality, no one wants chastity, but as in every thing, it is better do not exaggerate with sex. As thet say "prevention is better than cure".

Follow some practical advices to conduct sexual activity

  • Sexual activity amount recommended: twice a week, a pair of orgasms at a time.
  • Sexual activity hours recommended: in the late afternoon, before dinner (but on a full stomach).
  • Sexual activity hours not recommended: after 10 p.m., as soon as awake, when not to have eaten anything (because the brain "memorizes" more the sexual pleasure). If it happens just in the morning, it's better after washing you face (to reduce the overlapping of brain areas, fantasy-sex-reality) and after a good breakfast.
  • It's also not recommended sexual activity when you are tired or under stress, neurotics or you feel a neurotic need of sex, it's better before eating and sleeping; the same thing in the opposite case, when you don't feel to do sex or you feel it as a effort, it's better not to do it, because it could be a signal that you are tired to do sex in that moment and that you need to recharge "batteries".
  • Neither to overcome yourself from sexual pleasure, nor from love for your partner (it becomes a sexual perversion).
  • Until you don't reach the orgasm you are in time (there is difference between before and after the orgasm).


A simple experiment

It exists the possibility to conduct some simple experiments to demonstrate this theory in direct way.

For example,

  • select a set of volunteers, if possible psycologically not suppressed;
  • apply on them the repressive sexual technique, or if it's not possible, a complete sexual intercourse (many times in the same session too);
  • monitor the changes in the brain with passing of hours and days: for instance checking the decrease of substances as serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, et cetera, and monitoring the stiffening of brain communications and in whole body nervous system communications, or sudden changes of mood, emotivity, depressed state and physical state, for example muscular stiffening or relaxation, swelling and stiffening gums, mucus secretion from nose, sweating, physical smells, faeces consistency, and so on. Parameters change according to the subject characteristics.

    This monitoring must be done, before, during and after the experiment.

Repeat the same experiment with patients already under neurosis.

Remember that the sexual suppression is very devious/insidious (you feel the effects with passing of days) and very dangerous for the subject and the surrounding environment, so volunteers and patients involved must be well instructed on the experiment, followed very carefully and helped to come back to a normal stage.


Registered in date, 12/04/2013